exposes self-defeat in sex,
money, relationships, and work


Sex is the most fragile and vulnerable indicator of unconscious conflicts. It mirrors your life with work, people, and your self.

Relationships: self-damage erodes a lover into a parent as an obstacle to happiness

Money or lack of money is determined by our unconscious need to struggle or enjoy. The quest for more money is often a distraction facilitating great losses in bad investments.

Work. To the degree you are able to choose your work, the more you are held accountable and suffer from each obstacle.

The Human Twist exposes the internal mechanism of how we set ourselves up for conflict in our lives.  On the surface we all have good intentions, but “under the hood,” we plot against ourselves.

The Human Twist presents clinical cases of this everyday Psychic Masochism, a term coined by Edmund Bergler, M.D. psychoanalyst. of many books,  The Battle of the Conscious, The Basic Neurosis, Counterfeit Sex, Divorce Won’t Help, and many more

This internal mechanism of self-defeat is nothing new to humanity:  the Devil, during the Middle Ages, was the evil force which tricked us humans into suffering. The Devil lured the unsuspecting, naive individual by making the bad look good, and in an equally unfair technique, he made the good look bad. The human twist, psychic masochism So kids can see drugs as good and eating vegetables as  bad.  The Devil is out of fashion, but the concept of some force  or person outside ourselves as the instigator of conflict is nothing less than our projected self.

The Human Twist is about: exposing the myth of externalized forces tricking us into misery, seeing the patterns of childhood extended into our adult life, changing only the players in our own human tragedy.

Reading about this triggers ‘sudden-on-set boredom’, or the need to finish something we have been putting off–even doing our taxes, or cleaning.  Anything, but understanding ourselves.

The human being claims to desire happiness, pleasure, and freedom. Up close, he struggles against his Human Twist, provokes his spouse, his boss, and sees others as in his way.

Socrates: The life un-examined is not worth living.psychic masochism, self-defeat


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Zimmermann thrives on self-punishment . . . . . .and is an excellent example of a type that uses technical, literal application of the rules in life, to provoke authorities. He unconsciously brings himself to justice so he can battle and feel a victim. He shot and...

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A few years later, when Tommy got a B- because he didn’t give it his all, meaning, die on the desk from pencil exhaustion or exposure to florescent lighting, he heard the voice again: “You know you could have done better, Tommy, if you’d just worked a little harder. Mrs. Stanford, your very best teacher, says you’re not living up to your potential.”

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